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Flexible conductive film will become the value creator of TV industry in the future

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TV, once the dominator of the electronic market, is facing the bottleneck of development because of the emergence of smart phones, the demand for TV is decreasing and the market share is shrinking. In order to break through the dilemma, TV manufacturers start from the screen to build a variety of terminal forms to meet the consumer's shopping needs.


"Screen oriented, chip assisted" are the two core hardware components of TV related products. With the advent of 5g era, the Internet of things has become the center of the society. Through the network connection, consumers can directly read information through the screen. In the future intelligent life scene, the screen will play an irreplaceable role.

In order to catch up with the rapid development of the times, panel manufacturers look for new materials to replace the traditional rigid panel, and realize the diversification of screen terminal forms, such as folding bending, flexible crimping, large size, etc. In addition, the release of folding screen mobile phones is to promote the vigorous development of flexible display market.

At present, graphene and nano silver wire are ideal flexible alternative materials, because of their excellent performance advantages, to meet the application needs of panel manufacturers. At the same time, graphene and silver nanowires as flexible materials have the characteristics of low square resistance, high light transmittance, high conductivity, rub resistance, etc., and the raw materials are widely available, the production cost is low, and the production cost is reduced.


Using the performance advantages of graphene and nano silver wire, the composite flexible transparent conductive film was prepared to meet the application requirements of large size and flexible screen. Compared with the traditional rigid materials, the production cost was reduced. The development of the screen will inevitably lead to billions of terminal device updates and iterations, and the future application market is promising.

Competent for the display requirements of 5g era, more suitable for the needs of the display industry in the future. With the gradual improvement of the flexible screen ecological chain, smart screen has become the "savior" of the TV industry, and it will become the creator of new value in the future.

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