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Company Profile

    Anhui xinruida Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is a national high-tech enterprise, a famous trademark enterprise in Anhui Province, and a specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprise in Anhui Province.

    The main business of the company is the R & D, production and sales of new display photoelectric system and health intelligent light source system. The company's industry is a national strategic emerging industry, which is strongly supported by industrial policies. It takes the lead in developing and promoting a series of technical schemes in the industry, such as high light efficiency backlight module design, ultra light and thin backlight module technology, high color gamut display technology, blue light reduction and eye protection display technology. It promotes the terminal display products in light efficiency, color gamut, dynamic contrast, energy conservation and environmental protection, appearance design and other aspects Face continuous innovation. The company has undertaken the R & D and industrialization of HDR display technology, quantum dot display technology, mini LED display technology and other major government projects, and has occupied the first mover advantage in the next generation of new display technology.