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Employment mechanism

1. The values of "virtue and ability, value guidance" ensure the benchmark of talent selection

2. The core of "people-oriented and fair" is to ensure the benchmark of enterprise employment

3. Comprehensive performance appraisal to make outstanding talents stand out

4. Open competition provides fair opportunities and platforms for self display and promotion

Promotion principle

The development of employees in the company is not limited by seniority. Here, every post has the opportunity to grow and develop. For example, our production manager and our sales manager are all promoted from the front line

team building

The company attaches great importance to staff training, most of the management cadres are growing at the grass-roots level, from internal selection. In addition, the company has a complete talent reserve and training system, and establishes a talent echelon construction plan

Good and talented

1. Analysis ability: analyze problems and determine priorities appropriately to make timely and effective solutions

2. Positive attitude: love work and participate actively; bear hardships and stand hard; face setbacks and persevere

3. Innovation ability: seek innovative ideas, think hard and solve problems in practice to achieve better results

4. Result orientation: focus on results, strive to achieve and exceed goals