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  • Labor contract

    Three party agreement shall be signed during the internship period, and labor contract shall be signed after becoming a regular worker

  • Salary and remuneration

    The company provides competitive salaries in the industry

  • Insurance and provident fund

    Purchase social insurance and housing accumulation fund in accordance with state regulations after becoming a regular worker

  • Handsome bonus

    According to the completion of the project, bonus incentive will be given; the year-end bonus will be given according to the overall performance of the company

  • Festival benefits

    Holiday benefits, holiday gifts and holiday expenses

  • Promotion system

    Fair and perfect recruitment system within the company provides broad development space and growth platform for excellent employees

  • Education and training

    Provide a perfect training system and establish a personalized career development channel for employees

  • Accommodation and welfare

    The company provides accommodation and working meal free of charge. The dormitory is a standard room for 4 people, with independent toilet, air conditioner, water heater, etc