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Song Guoquan came to the economic development zone to investigate Ruida technology, and pointed out that we should serve the enterprise well

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   On the morning of April 9, song Guoquan, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, went to Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone to investigate the development of technological innovation enterprises and industrial enterprises. City leaders Yang Wei and Zhu CE accompanied the investigation. Coreda technology is one of the research enterprises of secretary song. Chairman Peng you of coreda technology received Secretary song and his party.


     "What is the core technology of an enterprise?" "Is there any difficulty to be solved?" Secretary song and his party successively came to Anhui sinruida Technology Co., Ltd. to listen to the production and operation of sinruida technology, visit products and production workshops, and carefully inquire about the core technology, product application scope, scientific and technological achievements of the enterprise. Secretary song fully affirmed the achievements of our company, encouraged the enterprises to rely on the advantages of science and education resources of Hefei, strengthen cooperation and docking, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, continuously improve the core competitiveness, and further make large-scale and excellent products.

  In the investigation, Secretary song stressed that to achieve high-quality development, enterprises are the main force, and supporting enterprise development is to seek high-quality development. Government departments at all levels should listen to the voice of enterprises, do a good job in service guarantee, continue to optimize the business environment, increase efforts in publicity and promotion, and promote high-quality development by serving the actual recruitment of enterprises. We need to increase support for science and technology-based enterprises and push their development to a new level.

  President Peng thanked Secretary song and his party for their research and concern for coreda. President Peng stressed that coreda will live up to the expectations of the leaders, constantly accelerate the pace of technological innovation, improve the core competitiveness, and further make large-scale and excellent products.

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