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Melting Team Forward Casting Force-Outdoor Series Development Activities of Coreda 2018

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    On July 8, 2018, Anhui Xinruida Science and Technology Co., Ltd. organized grass-roots key employees to go to Wanfo Lake Development Base, with the theme of "Melting Team, Casting Force Forward".

    The outward bound training aims to melt the team, enhance trust, promote team communication, enhance team cooperation, encourage everyone to take responsibility, dare to challenge themselves, tap potential, build the team's fighting power and cohesion, and build a team of excellent enterprises with unity, cooperation, courage and enthusiasm.

    A good team is bound to have good leaders and excellent players, set goals, discuss programs, keep learning and trying, everyone shows attitude and sense of responsibility, believe that work obstacles and difficulties can be solved!

Quality - Zhang Feng

    No matter what you do, you must have a sense of purpose. If you have a goal, you must plan ahead and strive for it. Then you can achieve the goal through the spirit of "fighting bravely and trying bravely" of the team.

SMT-Shang Weitao

    I was impressed by the "survival wall" (graduation wall), the 4-meter high wall is really a great test, we all feel that it can not be completed, but I am very touched by the team's rational use of resources, mutual cooperation and full play of potential after all passed; in the process, there are team members willing to act as the "base" ladder, let everyone step on their shoulders, organized, division of labor, implementation and each other. Trust, understanding and tolerance, we surpass ourselves and accomplish what we think is impossible. (Note: Today, barefoot training, although hard but very happy)

SMT-Wen Xiaoli

    Unity and progress, all aspirations into the city, this is the team spirit! Communicate with each other, understand each other, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, play the advantages of this person in the team, to guide others, play the role of each person in the team! We need to understand what is honor and disgrace, the team is not relying on one person's strength, whether win or lose, we need each of us to make the best efforts!

SMT-Mao Longhuan

    From the outward bound training to the actual work, I also feel that I have benefited a lot. With the development of society, the possibility of accomplishing all tasks by one person is minimal. Therefore, the efficiency of the team as a whole is extremely important. To maintain the best state of the whole team and make it an invincible combat group, it is necessary to enhance mutual understanding and trust. Everyone knows the arrangement and design of this outward bound training project. When applied to specific work, the efficiency and quality of cooperation among teams will be greatly improved. In the future work, we should build teams by departments or teams, increase the cohesion of members of departments and groups, have goals, plans, actions and combat effectiveness, which is an excellent departmental team.

SMD Project - Zhou Can

    No one is stronger than a team. Team has a common goal, everyone's heart is towards a direction, the team has cohesion and responsibility, everyone is energetic to work together, no matter how big the difficulties can be solved, and to each member of the team fully realize their weight in the team, is an indispensable part of the team, only with the close combination of everyone, can the team overcome many difficulties better.Outward bound activities teach us to unite, help each other, make the impossible possible, and make us stronger and braver. Outward bound projects make me understand that there must be plans and methods to do things, not blindly. When carrying out a work, we should conduct demonstration research and discussion to avoid deviations and mistakes. This requires the strength of the team and collective wisdom!

Assets - Xu Nan

    In this activity, let oneself know clearly that in order to achieve a goal in a team, there must be a leader. Otherwise, even if they are elites and geniuses, there will be a small number of people and strength. As a leader, we should see differences, coordinate differences, make use of differences, draw on strengths and weaknesses in differences, and build a strong team in differences.

Assets - Zhang Jialing

    Outward bound training makes us realize that only by making progress, keeping pace with the times, and integrating everything with the team to contribute to ourselves, show the team spirit, and gather the team strength, can we make our team stand invincible in the fierce market competition forever.

Lighting - Li Ting

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