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Move Forward and Create the Future - The Sixth Anniversary of Xinruida Workers'Games in 2018

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    On May 19, 2018, in order to meet the 6th anniversary of the founding of Anhui Xinruida Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, show the positive spiritual outlook of our employees and enrich the cultural life of the company, the company organized the "Moving Forward and Creating the Future Together - Sixth Anniversary of Xinruida Staff Games, all of the company. Employees participated in seven events including basketball matches and badminton matches.

    At 8:00 a.m., accompanied by the exciting music of the "Games March", a happy atmosphere began to permeate the factory area of the Xinrui Science Park, where the colorful flag was flying. At 8:30 a.m., the Games began on time, with the referees holding the event signs and flags, and the athletes standing in the front of the company square, cheerleaders in the team leader's place. With the National Anthem sounding and the solemn flag-raising ceremony, Chairman Peng You made a warm and brief speech, reviewing the rapid development of the company's 6th anniversary, hoping that all employees of the company will unite and make further efforts to achieve good results in this competition. Achievements, the person in charge announced the official start of the Games.

    With the whistle of the referee, all the competitions officially began to compete. The games include basketball, badminton, table tennis, egg-scrapping, chess, tug-of-war, cycling and other seven sports, including group and individual sports. The athletes of all teams passed through the eight immortals. The competition personnel are randomly allocated, temporary team formation, full of entertainment and contingency, but also for each team and individual on-site play and organizational ability, put forward higher requirements.

    In the tug of war competition, the team members who stood on the main road of the factory shouted "one or two, one or two" in their mouths, and clenched their long rope with their hands. They drifted hard to pull back, and the loudspeakers on the scene were also cheering loudly. The unattended colleagues spontaneously formed cheerleading to cheer for the players than the team members. After hard struggle, the packing team defended the title and won the first place in the tug-of-war. Cycling slow race is an activity prepared for girls by the company alone. On the race field, the defending champion makes full use of his own balance advantage to "dominate", and keeps the bicycle in almost stationary state in its original place, unaffected by the masses, and achieves the first result steadily.

    Badminton competition, men's singles and women's singles match the 20 groups, the competition is very intense. All the players play the whole body, badminton is flying in the sky like swallows, coming and going east and West, is not landing; after knockout and round robin, after many hardships and difficulties and difficulties, the champion finally won the hard won victory.

    Table tennis is a highly technical competition. We all like this sport very much. Table tennis matches are mixed singles, and female employees are also women who do not let them go. Egg-scraping and chess competitions are held in the company restaurant. Competitors are calm and calm. Every step is considered carefully, reflecting the spirit of all-out competition.

    The most exciting thing is the basketball game. The company set up 4 teams of basketball teams. In a whistle, the competition started, and you fought for me to win. The competition was very intense. Before the end of the morning, the two teams won the championship. In the afternoon, the R & D team took the initiative and quickly passed the ball with a strong and skillful action. As a strong "reserve force", cheerleaders also actively cheer for the athletes to play an excellent role, loud and orderly shouts, cheers throughout the stadium.

    After a day of intense competition, the Games successfully ended at 3 p.m. and the company held a grand award ceremony for the award-winning employees. The company leaders awarded the golden banner and prizes to the champions, the second and the third runners-up. The event resulted in 21 awards of various kinds, with innovative content and wide participation of employees.

    Passion and tension coexist, friendship and competition coexist. Every May 15, the company holds various competitive games to celebrate the company's continuous achievements, and further enhance the team spirit of employees. At the same time, it also encourages employees to join in the tide of the company's development with more enthusiasm and high spirit.

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