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Caring for employees, starting from "core"

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Forward report of administration department: Here comes Coreachemployee benefits! Personnel of each department count the number of people in the comprehensive building to receive welfare!


This is what happened to all the departments that received the news

SMT production: what to do? Hurry up and take our cart to get welfare!

Quality department: they've all gone, and we can't fall behind. Count the number!

Warehouse management department: huh? Welfare! What about cars? Where's our cart? Ha-ha

General office staff: there are a lot of quality personnel in the production line who need to be distributed and let them take them first

Other departments have come here in an endless stream~

I'm so busy. Our colleague Yu Shiyan~

Keep counting the number of people and quantity, and cooperate with me to take photos in the middle~


SMT has the largest number of production personnel. Zou Liang's double team escorts our production line employees back to the production line. A carton of milk and a clean towel for each. The quantity and weight are too large! A lot of line managers have come to help~


I didn't get a good shot from other departments! But Zou liangshuang, a correspondent of SMT production department, took a picture of online welfare delivery to me. Let's witness it together~

Employees are busy and reaping small benefits.


Don't underestimate these benefits~

Although not much, it is the company's concern for its employees.

Let's work together to make our working atmosphere better and better.

More and more positive!

As long as you are willing to work hard, good luck will not fail you, and Mirada will see you!


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