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Anhui xinruida participated in the fifth fexi county charity day fund-raising conference

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In order to carry forward the civilization trend of "from morality to goodness, to see the good and think of the good together", to praise the kindness of the boundless love and the benevolent love, and to create a strong atmosphere of learning from the good and striving to be a model. On the occasion of the fourth "China Charity Day", the fifth "moral model", the first "star of charity", the second "civilized family" award and China Charity Day fund-raising conference of Feixi County was held in Paihe theater on the afternoon of September 5. As a representative enterprise of Hefei Economic Development Zone, Anhui xinruida participated in the charity conference and donated 60000 yuan of poverty alleviation fund on the spot.


It is reported that this activity is mainly to carry out six targeted poverty alleviation activities, namely, helping students, helping the poor, helping doctors, helping the disabled and helping the elderly, so as to help people who really need help through practical actions. This is not only an appeal to all sectors of society to participate in the public welfare, but also an important platform to care for the people's livelihood, reflecting the social responsibility of the enterprise, which is also a kind of care and love for the helped groups.

For a long time, coreda has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "creating value for the society and promoting the development of the industry", actively participating in various poverty alleviation activities organized by the government, and organizing donations within the company to help employees in need.

"Although we have done a lot of good things and helped many people with difficulties before, the power of an enterprise is limited after all," said Wang Guangzhao, who represented coreda in the fund-raising. Through the Feixi Volunteer Association, we can make our charity more efficient and help more people, which is what we are very happy to see. In the future, we will continue to give full play to our residual energy. At the same time, we also hope that more enterprises will join us and offer a love to help more families in need of help in time and help those families in need through difficulties. "